Smallworld 6 players board (en)

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    • Small World and Small World Underground just get a lot bigger with this new 6-player map expansion… but there still isn’t enough room to accommodate everyone. Pair up in teams and attempt to rule the land and capture the new places & Relic these 2 new maps offer! This double sided map and rules gives you a new way to play Small World and Small World Underground. Teams of two players combine to compete against others, with each team member playing their own Race/Special Power combo and keeping their own Victory coins. The kicker? It’s the score of the LOWEST team member that decides your rank against the other teams! In addition to the double-sided 6-player map (Small World on one side/Underground on the other), this expansion includes: additional tokens, markers and Victory coins; new 6-player Team rules; places and a Relic. Designed for 6 players, ages 8+, this expansion requires a copy of Small World or Small World Underground.